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Auto Electrical Service

Auto electrical diagnostics, service & repair

Are you having trouble starting your car? Is your battery dead?

Then you may have an electrical problem. Our auto electrician is qualified and experienced to assess your car and find out what’s causing your electrical issues. Whether it’s a poor pin fit, loose wiring, broken connector, wire, or switch, we’ll get to the bottom of it to get your car running smoothly and get you back on the road asap.

We specialise in fault finding vehicle electrical system faults such as: out of range sensors,  can bus system faults, damaged wiring and faulty connectors, battery drains and much more.

Charging system and alternator repairs

Your car’s charging system is made up of 3 parts: alternator, voltage regulator, and battery. A fault to any of these essential parts could cause charging problems such as a blown fuse, or your battery may run out of charge quickly.

Battery replacement and dual batteries

Advantages of a dual battery system

  • Start your engine easily after camping all weekend with the fridge, lights, and radio running
  • Get your engine started quickly after it stalls when winching your vehicle through a river or over a rock
  • Don’t risk getting stranded when you’re off the beaten track
  • Peace of mind
  • Back-up power supply for a flat main battery
  • With a DC-DC charger you can properly maintain a dual battery in modern vehicles

Lowes can recommend which type of battery and charging system you will require for your application, we stock a large range of batteries and charging systems.

Accessory fitting

It’s a common thought: how hard is it to fit my own accessories? Google it and you’ll find loads of videos and articles for DIY light fitting, radio fitting, and more. But auto electrics is a specialised field - and what you don’t know could injure, or even worse, cause death to you, and those you love.

The dangers of DIY fitting include risk of failure, and possible short circuit which could cause fire.

Don’t risk it. Leave it to a qualified auto electrician who will guarantee you a job that’s neat and safe. A few accessories we fit include:

  • Driving lights
  • Hands free phones
  • UHF radios
  • Dual battery systems
  • and more

We’ll supply and fit all accessories


Caravan & trailer

Electric brakes:

Trailers of 750kgs GTM or more must be fitted with independent brakes. Electric brakes are most common. When the brake pedal is pressed, an electrical signal is sent to the towed trailer or caravan which activates a magnet to apply the brakes.
Lowes can install and maintain your trailers electric braking system.

Make sure your caravan or trailer is safe and roadworthy according to Vic Roads.


We can help you with trailer wiring design and installation, lighting installation and repair, and trailer and caravan wiring and repair.

We’ll help you meet all your legal requirements for braking, electrical wiring, and lighting for your caravan and trailer.

Our Auto Electrician

Our qualified and experienced Auto Electrician (not simply a mechanic attempting auto electrics) can help you with trailer brakes, dual battery systems, trailer wiring, accessory fitting, diagnostics, servicing, and repairs.

Whatever your auto electrical needs, you can be sure that your vehicle will be safe - and a pleasure to drive after a Lowes service or repair.