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Diesel Parts

About Bailey’s Diesel Group

Whether you have a problem with your injectors, turbo, or you’re simply looking for a power boost and better fuel economy from your ride, you know that quality parts go hand in hand with a good DIY job. If you’re after results, bang for your buck, and 100% Aussie parts and service from a well-established family business, you’ll find it at Bailey’s.

Diesel Injectors

For a smooth, quiet drive, a power boost, or better fuel economy, we can help with a new set of Bailey’s blueprinted or Denso Injectors. It’s made right here in our Aussie workshop, so you can expect it to last you longer - and cost less.

What’s more, it comes complete with comprehensive documentation, and advice on all the tools and equipment you’ll need to DIY. Or we’re happy to install them for you also (and remap your ECU while we’re at it).


Whether your turbo has given up or you’re after an upgrade, we can help you get it right the first time with Baileys Blueprinted Turbochargers. It’s been hand built in Australia to top specs by highly skilled technicians using the Rolls Royce of machines.

It’s made from genuine, quality parts sourced from the UK, so you can bet your unit will go the distance.

Fuel Pumps

Common rail pumps are incredibly resilient and usually last the life of the engine. But when you’ve checked pressure issues or changed your suction control valve - and pressure issues don’t disappear, you’ll need a new fuel pump.

A Baileys fuel pump has been made to suit Aussie conditions. So you can bet it’ll last longer than the average pump - at a decent price.

High Pressure Common Rails

When you’re after a quieter, smoother, more powerful drive that’s gentle on your wallet, you’ll love Baileys Blueprinted Rails.

Baileys Blueprinted rails have been built in Australia to the highest standards. Every rail is thoroughly cleaned (both chemically and physically), then a 100% sensor and dump valve replacement occurs - making these units every bit as good as a new unit. At a fraction the usual cost.

Diesel Filter Kits

When bad fuel and contamination has polluted your diesel engine, you need a good quality filter.

When you use the Baileys 2 Micron Filter Kits, your filter won’t get clogged up so quickly with dirt, contamination and water. This filter kits are made for a higher flow rate so your filter will last longer.

Catch Can Kits

As underrated as the catch can is, it’s a dead simple solution to a cleaner engine. No more dirty EGR fumes clogging up your inlet manifold. Avoid oily, sooty fumes clogging up your engine.

The right catch can boost your engine’s performance, give you better mileage, and last longer. DIY with our easy installation kits, complete with a custom engineered bracket to bolt right into your engine bay in 30 minutes or less.

Bloody unbelievable. Felt like we were driving a different ute yesterday after you all finished with installing the HD clutch and remap. It has way more grunt and power. Glen cruised the hills today no more pedal to the metal doing 45. Can't thank Tim and the boys enough. - Joanne ODonnell

Hey Tim. The work you did on my 79 series is great. The increase in power and torque is fantastic. Seamless and smooth delivery across a nice wide band from 1,000 RPM in fifth with no holes or flat spots. You've made a new car heaps better to drive. Thanks. - Peter Rowley