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AdBlue Technicians

Warrnambool's leading AdBlue Technicians

AdBlue is a Diesel vehicle exhaust fluid used in most late model Trucks & Diesel Vehicles, as part of their Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. AdBlue (also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF) creates a chemical reaction in the exhaust system converting harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless water & nitrogen.

Fun Fact… AdBlue is not blue at all

AdBlue is the brand name, for the colourless, non-toxic mixture of urea and de-ionised water, for this exhaust fluid. It is not a fuel additive, and has a separate reservoir topped up via a (usually) blue filler cap located either next to the diesel fuel tank, or in some cases in the boot or under the bonnet.

Going green has us all going blue (AdBlue), but drivers are now seeing red…

It is common to need an AdBlue top-up in-between services, which has led to many clients stranded on the side of some of Australia’s longest roads or way out in the far paddock.

Temporarily disabling AdBlue to get you back into town, or back home is far cheaper than hitching your semi-trailer to the tow-truck.

With Australia’s current shortage of AdBlue motorists, professional drivers & farmers alike are finding it increasingly difficult to find back-up fluid and are riding close to the line. With sanctions in Russia and disrupted supply from China (our largest suppliers of AdBlue), this is going to be an ongoing issue.

We can tune your machinery remotely!

We have the ability to send you hardware that allows us to tune your machinery from our office. We recently disabled an AdBlue system on a Case tractor that was stuck in a paddock on King Island, right from our office in Warrnambool!

We suggest you plan ahead and dropping into our Warrnambool workshop we can kit you out for any emergencies where you need to disable AdBlue temporarily. Or if you’re working a farm we can come to you to assist with your Agricultural & Farm Machinery.

What to do if you accidentally put AdBlue into your fuel tank…

Removing AdBlue is critical if you have inadvertently filled the wrong tank. As it is an exhaust fluid, it cannot be added to the fuel tank. If you have made this error, stop wherever you are and do not drive the vehicle, and call us!

Not removing AdBlue from your fuel system, could cause significant corrosion of engine components and pipework and could even result in the entire fuel system needing to be replaced. We can assist you, drain the fuel tank removing all AdBlue and Diesel Fuel and disposing of the contaminated fluid, we’ll also check for any permanent damage.