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Would you like to get more fuel efficiency 
and at the same time increase pulling power?

You need ECU remapping!

Lowes Diesel & 4x4 are your specialists when it comes to ECU remapping and tuning for Trucks & Heavy vehicles.

With up-to-date training and 35 years in the diesel and tuning industries in Australia, we have a solid technical and practical knowledge of the mechanics of modern diesel technology. We’re also authorised Truck Tune Australia dealers for ECU remapping.  

Safely increase power and economy for your truck with almost no down-time

Modern engine management systems control everything - from air fuel ratios to torque output. We work with the control of these components by working with the factory computer, safely increasing power, torque and improving fuel economy.

Manufacturers will often use the same engine and ECU but change the mapping on the ECU to vary power or torque. This is what we modify, but we can do it a much better price!

At Lowes, our experienced diesel mechanics are trained to get the most power, better torque, and more fuel efficiencies out of your rig. And our strict quality control process will make sure the job is done right the first time - every time.

Benefits of ECU remapping

  • Increased Power & Torque
  • Increased Ground Speed
  • Increased Efficiency & Economy
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Reduced fuel consumption.

What you can expect from us

  • Fully trained specialist diesel mechanics
  • Proactive, collaborative approach
  • Fast turnaround
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Quality parts with manufacturer warranties.

Contact us if to discuss how we can give your Truck more pulling power and better fuel efficiency.  

Truck Tuning FAQs

What is ECU Remapping /Tuning? ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. This is done by reading out the factory software and modifying its tables using highly specialized software. We then write the software back into your ECU with the changes made. We always keep a copy of your factory ECU file so we can revert back to the factory program at any time should this be required.

What is altered? A variety of parameters can be changed and fine-tuned to achieve the result ‘you’ require. We can change fuelling, injection settings, torque limits and targets, boost pressure and a host of other specifications. What we change really does depend on your specific requirements. We will not just raise settings in the ECU file, instead each one is calibrated in details to achieve the desired result. Even the smallest of changes can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

What are the benefits of ECU Remapping? Increased power and torque, Increased towing ability, Reduced operating temperatures, Reduced fuel consumption, Better productivity.

What makes it safe? Modern trucks are controlled by many computers, they control everything from air fuel ratios to torque output. We work with these computers rather than installing a piggy back box influencing sensor signals. By working with the factory computers we can safely increase power, torque and more often than not improve fuel economy and productivity.

Many manufacturers will use the same engine and ECU but change the mapping on the ECU to produce more power or torque, essentially we are doing what they would do but at a much lesser cost and actually changing your mapping to suit the job you are doing.

Will my truck be out of service? Most of the time we perform all work on site so the truck is not out of action for any time at all. Using the latest tools and hardware we can perform the upgrades on most vehicles via the diagnostic port without needing to remove the ECU.