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4x4 & SUV's

Is your Engine running rough, noisy, or just using too much fuel?
Are you looking to get better power and economy out of your Diesel 4x4 or SUV?

You need a tune up!

Lowes are your specialists when it comes to Diesel upgrades, ECU remapping and tuning.

With up-to-date training and many years in the diesel and tuning industries in Australia, we have a solid technical and practical knowledge of the mechanics of modern diesel technology. We are your go to place for ECU remapping of all Diesel & 4x4s. We have a dyno in house, or we can tune on the road.

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My 2008 v8 cruiser was sluggish off the line and took a bit to get going. After the tune the car has been completely transformed! It pulls in every gear and it is definitely far from sluggish! - Steven Mollison Thanks to Tim at Lowes, not only for the crazy gains but also the extremely good customer service!

Safely increase power, speed & economy for your Diesel 4x4 or SUV

Modern vehicles are controlled by engine management systems - for everything from air fuel ratios to torque output. We work with the control of these components by working with the factory computer, safely increasing power, torque and improving fuel economy.

Manufacturers will often use the same engine and ECU but change the mapping on the ECU to vary power or torque. This is what we modify, but at a much better price!

At Lowes Auto Repairs, your vehicle will go through a strict quality control process to make sure the job is done right the first time - every time.

Some manual vehicles we tune will require a 3 inch exhaust system or an upgraded clutch.

We stock and fit the Australian Clutch Services Extreme Outback heavy duty range of clutch kits.

We also stock and fit Manta Pro and Redback exhaust systems.

Ask us for pricing on a bundled package deal for your 4x4! We have packages starting from just $2000!

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Benefits of ECU remapping

  • Increased Power & Torque
  • Increased Ground Speed
  • Increased Efficiency & Economy
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Reduced fuel consumption.

What you can expect from us

  • Fully trained specialist diesel mechanics
  • Proactive, collaborative approach
  • Fast turnaround
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Quality parts with manufacturer warranties.

Contact us if you want to gain more power and torque from your diesel powered vehicle.

4x4 & SUV Tuning FAQs

How much power can you give me? It depends on your vehicle model: we are seeing up to +50% torque and +35% horsepower on the 1KD FTV Hilux and Hiace engines.

Can you save me fuel? Yes! We have seen a drop in fuel consumption of 10 to 20 percent in all of our development vehicles.

How much more boost will you give my engine? Just a few psi most of the time needs to be added for a vehicle-specific tune. At most the increase would be just 3psi. We don’t need to use excessive boost levels to make power.
For special tuning and requested applications we’ll increase this change to suit.

Do you add any piggy back chips or install any units into my ECU? No. We specialise in the reprogramming of factory ECU hardware with full access to the ECU’s memory stores and microprocessor data.

Does a “brand name” chip do the same thing? No. All these “chips” on the market are piggyback systems and alter signals going to the ecu to make more power, mainly changing injection parameters.

Can they make more power? Yes, but their job can be done better by an ECU remap or reprogram - it doesn’t cause over drive in the systems without the ecu knowing or override factory protection systems.

Do I need to make any other modifications to my vehicle for you to tune it? Sometimes the vehicle may require a heavy duty clutch to be fitted, or an upgraded exhaust (such as VDJ79 Landcruiser), most vehicles can be tuned without requiring any other modifications, where they do need mods, we can assist in supplying and fitting parts required.