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Engine Tuning & Maintenance

Hey Tim. The work you did on my 79 series is great. The increase in power and torque is fantastic. Seamless and smooth delivery across a nice wide band from 1,000 RPM in fifth with no holes or flat spots. You've made a new car heaps better to drive. Thanks. - Peter Rowley

Is your car using too much fuel?
Engine running rough - or noisy?
Looking to get better power and economy out of your 4x4, tractors, trucks or machinery?

You need an engine tune up.

Why does an engine tuning make such a difference?

Dirty injectors in petrol and diesel engines or worn spark plugs in petrol engines can dramatically reduce your engines power and economy, we can service your injectors on car in both petrol and diesel powered engines.

Carbon build up in your EFI system can drag down your engine’s performance – cleaning out your EGR system and intake manifold will make a huge difference.

A worn timing belt / chain can cause severe damage to your engine – a rattling noise in the engine is a warning sign of this damage about to occur.

Tuning and performance modifications can boost your engine’s performance and drivability. We do this with ECU remapping.

What is ECU Remapping?

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) of a vehicle controls how the engine works. ECU  remapping replaces the default software on the ECU with custom software. This new software is programmed to optimise a vehicle’s overall performance - so it increases an engine’s power output, durability or economy.

Case 1: Trouble getting up hills

A customer said he couldn't get his 79 series V8 cruiser up a hill near his house without dropping back to 80kph. So we did a custom ECU remap to it.

He went for a drive - and was doing 105 kph up the hill and still pulling. He said the difference was amazing! His scan gauge is showing massive fuel savings also.

Case 2: Just. Can’t. Pull.

A customer was having trouble pulling with his 79 series Cruiser. And his ride wasn’t as smooth as he’d like. So we tuned it.

Straight away the customer noticed that the ute had plenty more pulling power - and was heaps smoother to drive. He also noted on his scan gauge that the instant litres per 100km had dropped to single digits, which he had never seen before!

Engine tuning & maintenance services

If you’d like to increase power and torque, and decrease fuel consumption, we can help:

  • ECU remapping
  • Intake manifold carbon removal (diesel)
  • Wurth in-line diesel injection system cleaning

Is your intake manifold blocked up?

Lowes Auto Repairs, Diesel & 4x4 are very experienced in intake manifold clean outs for diesel powered vehicles. You’ll be amazed at the boost in your vehicle’s performance after we pull apart your EGR valve and intake manifold and unclog the build-up.

Quality products

We use consumables, lubricants and cleaning products from Wurth Australia. Wurth chemicals are 100% compliant with Australian standards, so your safety and your family’s safety are assured. Ask us for Safety Data Sheets if you’d like to know exactly what we use.

What you can expect from us

  • Experienced in all petrol and diesel engines
  • Qualified mechanics who’ll do the job well (or not do it at all)
  • Fast turnaround
  • Latest diagnostic tools and equipment
  • On site and off site service.

Contact us if to discuss how we can give your vehicle more horsepower and better fuel efficiency.