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Suspension Systems

Many car enthusiasts agree that a lowered car looks fantastic. It makes a car look more sporty and aggressive. It also handles better than stock soft springs.

Lowering the car removes the unsightly gap between the fender and top of the tire - what you’ll get out of the factory. Lowering springs combined with a matched shock absorber can make a huge difference in handling response. It makes your car more stable and you’ll maneuver the curves more easily.

The trade-offs are less ground clearance and a stiffer ride, which restricts your car’s movement on different terrains - and even on normal roads.

Many car enthusiasts believe the tradeoff between stability and comfort is worth it.

4 Things to careful of when lowering your car

1 Government regulations
You can get pulled up and fined if your car is lower than regulations. Check whether VicRoads will accept your modifications before going ahead. You might also need to document the changes.

2. Lowering can affect the camber
This can reduce traction, especially for braking, and increase tire wear.

3. Dangers of lowered cars
Lowered cars may make your ride look fantastic. You might love the idea of slamming your car for an even sexier ride.

But it can be a pain when your car bottoms out on driveways, or you can’t clear obstacles on the road such as speed bumps, potholes, and railtracks. If you can’t get unstuck and need your car towed, a flatbed will be needed, adding to your towing costs.

4. Extra stress on other parts
A lowered car may place extra stress on other suspension and steering system parts. This could cause premature wear or failure.

Using quality parts and having your suspension lowered by reputable professionals will help you avoid these common problems. An experienced professional can give you longer tyre life, and ensure you’re less likely to damage your car.

What you can expect from us

  • Expert technical tips so you get the most from your vehicle
  • Experienced technicians
  • Quick and friendly service
  • Quality workmanship
  • Competitive pricing

Suspension service

Drop in or call our friendly team when you’re ready to get your suspension installed, repaired, or enhanced:

  • Installation and repairs
  • High performance suspension and handling enhancement kits available
  • Customised to suit your driving needs
  • High performance customisation of:

    • Electronic Damping Force Controllers
    • Performance Bars
    • Pillow Ball Tension Rods

Quality products

A quality ride deserves quality parts. We use the world’s best brands such as:

  • Koni Shock
  • Monroe
  • SuperPro
  • Tein
  • Bilstein