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Suspension Systems

Love the look of lifted trucks and want to put yours to the sky?
Need better clearance for your off-road trips?
Want better control over towing?

Getting your steering and suspension worked on by professional mechanics can make your ride look better and get better ground clearance. Towing can be done with much more control and power. But before going ahead with the lift, it’s natural to worry about what affect it will have on your truck afterwards.

Suspension Systems

Common worries about lifts

  • I heard it causes a lot of parts in your vehicle to wear out much quicker, is that the truth?
  • Will I still be covered under warranty?
  • Are aftermarket shocks any good?

With these concerns in mind, we’ve taken great care to choose leading suspension products, such as Fulcrum Suspension.

The products are only one part of the picture: our team get thorough training and attend workshops, along with many hours of experience fitting, repairing, and diagnosing suspension and steering issues. All so you get the best quality lift with all products and workmanship guaranteed.

What to expect from a professional steering and suspension service

When properly tuned, your steering and suspension should:

  •     Give you a smoother and easier ride for your driving pleasure
  •     Transfer the load easily when towing
  •     Give you better clearance, including entry and exit angles
  •     Get you longer tyre life
  •     Give you a stable drive, with better handling and traction in all conditions
  •     Keep within government regulations.

So whether you’re towing, going on your next hunting trip, or hitting the trails, you can drive knowing your 4x4 is set up for the conditions.

We’ll make sure you get the best from your suspension by paying attention to 4 main areas:

1. Fine tune
We’ll take the time to understand your needs so we can tailor your suspension to the terrain you’ll be driving in. This will ensure you can easily steer in a straight line so you’ll enjoy your drive a lot more.

2. Positive rake
We’ll slightly raise the back of your vehicle to correct tyre wear (whether it’s loaded or unloaded).

3. Comfort and advice
We’ll help you choose the right shock absorber for your needs - so your tyres get better traction, giving you more control over your ride.

4. Cornering stability
A common problem with lifting a vehicle is the centre of gravity rises which may safe handling and how stable your vehicle feels. Our experienced mechanics are trained to optimise the sway or roll of your vehicle’s body to give you better control of your ride - and save you from motion sickness.

Quality products

Whether you’re driving a Hilux, Landcruiser, Triton, or Navara, we have the right suspension for you. All products come with 12 month minimum warranties, and our strong relationships with suppliers means we can offer you premium products for competitive prices.

What you can expect from us

  •     Personalised advice and responsive service
  •     Experienced team chosen for their work ethic and attention to detail
  •     Honest and direct advice with your best interests in mind
  •     Competitive pricing